Finally it’s approved to move forward to council

Click here to watch the latest video on the vote to change the ordinance. We were sold a system by a contractor that caused us a 2 year approval process with the city that involved an intensive legal discussion and many legal threats by the city and contractor. Why? No city resident should have to endure this in the future because we have made a path.

Discussion – 2018 Planning Commission Work Plan Item – Continue Solar Ordinance Review.Ready to find out more?


The purpose of this item is to continue review of the Solar Ordinance which is an item on the 2018 Planning Commission Work Plan.  On March 26, 2018 staff provided a background report and reviewed the history of the solar ordinance, issues associated with some of the aesthetic standards  See attached minutes and Planning Commission Background from the March 26, 2018 meeting for reference.

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City Council also shines a light on a growing business

Burnsville – 2015 article -prepares for new solar power


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Minnesota overhauls interconnection standards to streamline clean energy

May 24, Minnesota made new strides for clean energy and became the third state in the Midwest in the last three years to adopt wholesale reforms to their state interconnection procedures — creating a more transparent and effective interconnection process for customers.

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Minnesota bill would prevent homeowners associations from banning solar

Homeowners associations and municipalities across the country have attempted to restrict the installation of solar panels, leading to conflict, litigation and legislation in many communities and states.

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Solar easements in Minnesota

Minnesota law does allow for the negotiation of solar easements. Statute 500.30 lays out the rules and required components of a solar easement. The easement rule allows you to negotiate with your neighbors to ensure your access to sunlight is secured for the life of your system

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Bill to remove state’s solar energy goal would send ‘powerful signal,’ state official tells lawmakers

An effort to limit mandates on power companies would exempt some utility companies from the solar energy standard less than two years before the compliance date.

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Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit

Program Overview

code enforcement

Basic Roof Designs

What is the issue? Hip vs Gable Roofs?

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Common Sense vs Logic

Does this make sense? The idea of fake panels seems flawed to me.

1.) Even if the fakes/copies are good, they will weather differently that the originals, and when they do, not only fool no one, but maybe draw more and unwanted attention.
2.) They will need to be designed/checked for wind, etc.
3.) The city will still need to review/signoff.

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it’s Hip to be square

What can be done to solve this?

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after paying the city a $1750 conditional use permit fee and years of meetings and research. They have sent me a letter stating I need faux triangular solar or they will issue a citation and revocation of a solar permit to harvest the energy from the sun.

Meeting Video


anti solar

As a solar supporter, I encourage my municipality to:

· Create and make available an online checklist detailing the steps of our community’s solar permitting process.
· Provide a streamlined permitting pathway for small solar systems with turn-around time of no more than three days.

These common-sense actions will show that our local government encourages and supports locally-generated clean energy and greater access to solar for all.


A bill for an act relating to real property; prohibiting certain restrictions on the use of residential
solar energy systems; amending Minnesota Statutes 2012, sections 515.07;
515B.2-103; 515B.3-102; proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes,
chapter 500.

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Minnesota – HF2918 – 2014

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Cut the Solar RED TAPE – read the article

Complicated permitting processes make going solar more difficult. Municipalities should work together to lower this barrier.

Solar energy benefits all Minnesotans by reducing electric bills, creating local jobs, and spurring economic development. But too many Minnesotans face unnecessary challenges to going solar in the form of municipal “red tape” such as local permitting fees and lengthy utility interconnection approval. These administrative obstacles can be the difference between a quick, affordable solar installation and a costly one. Don’t let burdensome red tape hold you back from going solar!


Urge your municipality to make going solar easier

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For 2 years I have applied to planning commission to see if I can help.

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Next Steps…

Our annual city meeting for the solar ordinance review was held on March 26th, 2018 – they said they would consider changing. I received the letter 2 days after


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