Municipalities should remove red tape to encourage solar:

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MINNESOTA – HF2918 – 2014

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Bill says no to banning rooftop solar panels

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Sponsored by Rep. Will Morgan (DFL-Burnsville), HF2918

DISTRICT 191 GOES SOLAR – why can’t property owners?

Six school buildings in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 will gain solar panels on their roofs – click here to learn more.

First All-Electric MN School Bus

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Dakota Electric Association – Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

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Where can you get triangular solar modules?

Where can I get triangular solar modules? – click here

5/14/09 Discontinued and replaced by the ND-72ELUC and ND-72ELUF

*These would only work with Sharp solar system

These are discontinued….they don’t make these type of modules any more.

Planning Commission Meeting – 2nd year in a row.

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Last year they would not let anyone speak!

How hard is it to try to just fix this?

How much harder and costlier is it to manufacture triangular solar panels, compared to rectangular?-click here


Home Depot will Carry Solar


For 30 years, local power companies have had to buy excess electricity from Minnesota homeowners who have solar panels on their roofs and farmers with small wind turbines. The utilities must also sell electricity to those customers when they need it. The arrangement is known as net metering.



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Some residents cry foul over Burnsville’s proactive code enforcement


MN Statute 216B.1691 

(a) Unless otherwise specified in law, “eligible energy technology” means an energy technology that generates electricity from the following renewable energy sources: read about it


MN Statute 500.30 Solar Easements 

“Solar easement” means a right, whether or not stated in the form of a restriction, easement, covenant, or condition, in any deed, will, or other instrument executed by or on behalf of any owner of land or solar skyspace for the purpose of ensuring adequate exposure of a solar energy system as defined in section 216C.06, subdivision 17, to solar energy. – read it here


30 Minutes from the Twins Spring Training Center – First Solar Powered Town in the Country

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Solar farm to make Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport totally energy self-sufficient

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Rooftop solar to be required on new homes in California

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