Faux Triangular Modules are required to add to extended rails to comply?

HOw to make a faux triangular module to match?

Type Polycrystalline
Dimensions 64.5″ x 38.7″ x 1.57″
Weight 39.7 lbs
Frame Black anodized aluminum
Connector Junction Box

  1/8 inch thickness needed.

materials: Plexiglass / Lexan  – will not yellow as quick as poly-carbonate. Tempered Glass Cut in this shape is too costly for faux purposes.

Another option: Is cut to size wood that is spray painted to faux.

**In the future =

Spray on and printable: what’s next for the solar panel market?

How Spray-on Solar Panels Work

Perovskite and Organic Photovoltaics

*I need to now custom fabricate 8 triangular faux solar pieces to come in compliance with the current ordinance as it stands:


HOW CAN THIS BE DONE? IDEAS? Possible solutions?

-> make a screen print on a vinyl picture print on backer board with a poly or acrylic glass topper and black framing material??

Solar Paint – The Future of Solar?

Will metallic paint on sustainable wood cut to shape be faux to work in the interim?

Does this make sense? The idea of fake panels seems flawed to me.

1.) Even if the fakes/copies are good, they will weather differently that the originals, and when they do, not only fool no one, but maybe draw more and unwanted attention.
2.) They will need to be designed/checked for wind, etc.
3.) The city will still need to review/signoff.

-> IF you have ideas on a solution to help – please reach out to us!

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